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New Zealand Idol Icons

And you thought the madness was over! Silly fool!

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New Zealand Idol Icons
Welcome to New Zealand Idol Icons, an icon community brought to you by pikkuleipa and starshone_storm. If you have a LiveJournal you are able to join and post your own NZ Idol icons but ANYONE can take and use the icons on their journals, message boards and anywhere else you can use them.
1. Please do not claim to have made any icons on here that you haven't made. It's considered stealing and stealing sucks!

2. Please comment when taking any icons so the creator knows they're appreciated.

3. Enjoy!
If you'd like a custom icon made just make a post with the image/s you want used and any other specifics (colours, lyrics, quotes etc) and anyone is free to make the icons (unless, of course, you specifically ask for someone to make your icon).
You must ALWAYS credit in your posts if you used others pictures, screencaps, brushes, borders etc because we'll get in trouble if you don't. *glares*